Animals Out of Place

Animals Out of Place is my response to an ongoing photography project and exhibition by Barbara Griffin and Graham Jarritt. Published by The Learned Pig September 2019.

Picture credit: artwork Barbara Griffin and Graham Jarritt, photo courtesy of Jason Hynes.


Significant others

Significant Others published by The Learned Pig, May 2017 as part of their Wolf Crossing editorial season. Considering inter-species communication and the human as object of the animal gaze...


extinction and the image

Extinction and the Image, published by The Learned Pig, November 2016. On being an artist in the Anthropocene and the ethics of making art in response to widespread animal extinction...


review of: lives, loves and loss at fenton house

Traces, London contemporary art, theatre and design at Fenton House, Hampstead. Review published by The Learned Pig, December 2017